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How In The Name Of Heaven Does This Happen?

When has this sort of thinking ever been justified? How many people are so enamored of Tom Hanks in that masterpiece "Mazes & Monsters" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084314/ that they think all gamers are incoherent freaks? Who did we, as a hobby, piss off so badly?

How has this type of thing made it difficult for you to run games? I know it took me 10 years to get some of my best friends just to try gaming. What sort of opportunities have been lost to this logic based in vapor? I might have thought it was getting better, but the above article suggests the opposite.

...also- my first post!

Go me.

Woo hoo! Milo posted! Coolness.

As to the topic... while I have no doubt that some gamers are "detached from reality" as they put it, this is just absurd. And I've never understood why gaming is so frowned upon, whereas crazy obsessiveness with, say, football is perfectly acceptable.

The thing about gamers is you don't notice the ones who aren't socially inept. The bad eggs spoil the nest, sometimes literally with a bad egg smell.

Granted, there's a whole fucking lot of bad eggs. Like that dude who did Talislanta 4th edition. Hello? Named your company after a gun? Get away from me, psycho.

The only time I've ever had stigma attached for roleplaying was because my wife had a bad experience with an ex who was a gamer. The guy actually bailed on her while she was in the hospital so he wouldn't miss his Vampire LARP.

Well, if you're going to talk about Vampire players, everyone knows they're freaks, so that doesn't count.

I hadn't read the comments below the article before, but they are hysterical. At least 14 different people were compelled to point out that LARP is (technically) different from D&D, and there's also this comment:
Masons play D&D
Maybe you should consider the evil that D and D brings into the lives of young people. Unfortunately, it has even permeated the hallowed walls of the Freemasons. Please see the following reference information:

Jesus Junkie, Ole South, USA

which could be entirely sincere or a deliberate joke/trolling of the comments, but it's impossible to tell either way.

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