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Designing And Nuttin' Else

What would it take to be a full time RPG designer? Would it even be deisirable? Why or why not? How many such jobs are out there already, and is there room for more? A lot more?

Link goes to WotC Career page.

A possible comparison for discussion purposes are webcomic writers who are, in fact, making a living that way. A few I know off the top of my head include Scott Kurtz of PVP, the guys at Penny Arcade, and Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content. Of course, they're making their income off of selling related merchandise or advertising space, not directly off the actual content they create.

I wonder if this is feasible at all. After my fiancee graduates from grad school and we get married, we'll probably move to Vietnam or Africa. If so, I'm probably going to try to live as an RPG author for a while: my money'll go a lot further overseas.

There's a lot of probablys in that, though.

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