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I found an old file of RPG setting ideas the other day. Here are some notes from one of them:

U'Duasha: A massive black city of minarets lit by a lake of fire.

The Halim -- flying magicians on magic carpets
The Sualim -- Giants with bronze skin
The Goalim -- Wrapped from head to toe in black gauze and bound with silver wire
The Jalim -- soul-less ones who wander below
The I'Yalim -- bearers of the blade
The Rayalim -- the priesthood of Raya, the god of Suffering

Technology: Bound demons. Most everything runs on the power of bound demons. The more powerful the "tech" the nastier the demon.
Magic: Enchanters bind demons into things. Magicians memorize incantations that force demons to appear and do their bidding. Demons are called Sithani.