Monday, April 23, 2007

You've got Wiki

A while back Brandon made a wiki for Attacks of Opportunity. Not we've got some content on there, so go take a look. Our Actual Play links are now collected there. In future, I think we'll also add links to our various rules hacks and other gaming projects.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Game Design Gossip

I promise not to make this a habit, but I thought I would post a little gossip along with a little speculation on my part.

Recently, Luke Crane (of Burning Wheel) and Jared Sorensen (of Memento Mori) met up with Peter Atkinson (formerly of WotC) in Seattle. No one will talk about why they are meeting, but I think I have figured out why.

I was listening to a podcast over at Pulp Gamer (boy I am just plug-tastic in this post) and Peter Atkinson was on talking about his newly acquired game called Bella Sara. It is a game for girls where you get pretty pretty ponies and you can log on to brush their hair and dress them up in pretty dresses.

I then knew why they were meeting. Peter must be courting Luke and Jared to take over this project. Aaaah, I can see it now: Burning octaNe - where you breed monstrous horses for riding and crushing your enemies. Breed your horses according to one of many monstrous lifepaths and then outfit them in the latest murder gear. Share them with your friends and then crush them.

I couldn't possibly be wrong.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Castles of Tuscany

Castles of Tuscany ("castelli toscani") is a cool site about castles and other fortifications in the Tuscany province of Italy. It has clickable maps of the region that show where the castles, towers, and fortified cities are, and pages for each with some photos and information about them. Some of the pages include a basic plan of the fortification or map of the town, and also links to other sites with more photos or information. It's a neat resource whether you're planning some kind of game using medieval-style fortifications or simply like history or medieval architecture.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Agon: Shadowrun Conversion

I'm doing a series of posts on about converting Shadowrun to the Agon system. Stop by and share your two cents if you like.