Thursday, November 11, 2010

Minions, Inc.

Minions, Inc. is an Apocalypse World hack for playing henchmen in the costumed aggression industry.
When it comes time to choose a costumed aggression placement firm, choose a name you can trust.
Choose Minions, Inc., the world leader in Henchplacement.

It is a game that is inspired by the Venture Bros., The Tick, The Incredibles, and just about every bit of evil overlord/super villain/mad scientist pop culture that I could get my hands on.

Get the PDF here.
Get the character sheet here.

The PDF has a setting guide, starting situation (Meet your new Employer), 9 new playbooks, and lots of guidance for the MC.

Let me know what you think. It was a lot of fun putting all of this together and I can't wait to see what sorts of crazy "Employers" everyone comes up with.

You can also post ideas, actual play, and questions on the Minions, Inc. Forum on the AW site.