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Explaining Conflict Types

In working on my current game, I have decided to use Conflicts as the center of each scene (ala PTA.) We started to define those Conflicts a bit last night, but I wanted to throw it out to the group to see if I could get some nice clear descriptions of the different Conflict types and the scenarios that they would cover. Here are the 6 conflict types we came up with along with my (brief) view on what they embody.
  • Physical - When your health is at stake.
    • Overcoming obstacles through violence, athletics, overall healthiness.
  • Romantic - When your love life is at stake.
    • Overcoming obstacles through seduction, romantic love, or romantic bond (i.e. SO or Marriage)
  • Social - When your social standing is at stake.
    • Overcome obstacles through social pressure, social bond, or networking.
  • Professional - When your money/job is at stake.
    • Overcoming obstacles through knowledge, Professional power, or money
  • Moral - When your "soul" is at stake.
    • Overcoming obstacles through your convictions or willingness to take the "easy" way out.
  • Internal - When your nature is at stake.
    • Overcoming obstacles by choosing to fight your nature to be able to do what you want/need to.
Any and all suggestions on conflict types, what is at stake, or explaining the conflict would be most appreciated.

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Here is a little more info (now that I have thought about it) to address John's Comment.

The Conflict Type is used to provide a framework for the Conflict in the scene and the resulting narration. Thus, having a scene with "A hurt stranger" takes on a much different feel if the conflict is Moral (should I help him) vs Professional (I'm a doctor ... I must help him) vs Romantic (damsel in distress.)

In game terms:
  • Players will have conflict types that they are better or worse at.
    • "The Popular Person" is good at Social Conflicts (Me and My Friends ...) and bad at Internal Conflicts. (Talk about Shallow)
  • Obstacles will count as certain types of conflict.
    • "The Big Game" could be used as a Professional Conflict (Sports is my Job) or a Physical Conflict. (I must win)
  • Locations will modify conflict resolution or reward.
    • Behind the Bleachers" +1 Draw for Romantic Conflicts (Kissing). -1 Draw for Physical Conflicts. (Getting beat up)

Sorry I had to miss the brainstorming session.

Can you give some more context for these? What purpose do conflict types serve in the game?

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