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Worldwide Collaborative Game

World Without Oil is a game/collective think tank. It depicts a world when the oil starts to truly run and a global oil shortage has begun. The rules are simple: Image yourself in this world and then tell the community how it has affected you. You can do this through blog, video, forum, photos, or even ... missions. Yes missions. I can't really explain them, you just have to see them for yourself.

This is the most amazing example of Story Now that I think I have ever witnessed. I am so jealous.

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I've been following WorldWithoutOil.org for a while now. I like the whole project, but lack the time to partake.

Unfortunately, there are no examples of "Story Now" in any of their missions or guides to participation. While all of the result in 'story' that isn't what's required for "Story Now."

The play must address a "Premise" in a Lajos Egre sense. Some 'bigger issue' must be involved. For example, it could be, "Would you sacrifice friendship for luxury." The play either confirms or denies this "Premise" through the actions and consequences of the players.

Now, all the well-written reports illustrate the use of "Premise," but none of the resources foster or cause "Premises." They are a product of reflection on the part of the participants.

So sorry, no "Story Now" here.


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