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Man with a Mission

This one's for playes who can never decide what kind of character they want to play. In this game, you don't play a character, you play a mission. As the campaign progresses, you follow the goal of the campaign from inception to success or ultimate failure. This could take many forms: a secret cabal of Wizards discovers a threat that could destory their world and set out to correct it, an organization is dedicated to overthrowing a corrupt government, an artifact of great power and destiny surfaces in an unimportant fronteir town. This could be in any genre or world. The players take the role of a character until that character fulfills their part in the overall quest, then switch to another. For example, in the lost artifact scenario, the characters start as a group of commoners who have no idea how important the item they have found is. They overcome various difficulties, but eventually trip up and are slain by bandits. The party then takes on the role of the bandits. Eventually, an elite theif (who actually knows what the object is) steals it. The party then takes on the role fo the theif and his associates. There are a lot of interesting ways you could twist this. For example, you could put an interesting take on the old saw of the order of powerful mages who recruit some adventurers to be heroes to save the world. In this version, the players would start out as the recruiters. You could do a spy game where each week the players undertake a different mission as different operatives in a different part of the world. This week they are elite assassins. Next week they're ordinary guys who are being manipulated by the CIA. Eventually, as the players start to put the pieces to gether and understand what's really going on, they play some FBI investigators who've started to put thei pieces together and understand what's really going on.

This could be an excuse to pull out my GURPS Illuminati supplement...