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Campaign idea by the Incredible Hatboy:
European history between 1300 and 1750 thrown together and remade without any regard for anything except Fun. Machiavelli behind a vast conspiracy to take over the world, opposed by Queen Elizabeth, with da Vinci and Newton building clockwork war machines and Aztec Jaguar Men imported as shock troops, among other things.

And it's actually happening. I'm putting together the group. In part because I'm probably using Adventure! to run it, I've dubbed the setting "Europe!" I've got a guy who wants to be Mozart, a member of the mysterious mercenary group known only as the Orchestra - but who is its shadowy Conductor, anyway? I've got someone who wants to be Luther - and why not? A young, fiery, pistol-wielding Luther, of course, taking the fight to the Church and its Machiavellian masters. Another PC is going to be King Phillip of Spain himself, on the run from the Inquisition, which turned against him when he became a barrier to Machiavelli's control of the country. God knows what else I'll end up with by the time the group's finally put together...

Ornithopter chases under the bridges of Venice, coming right up!

God bless you, Hatboy, and RPG.net. Look at the whole thread here.