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Agyris - Maps

As a committed map geek, I have to call Agyris Maps to your attention. I usually hate looking at other people's campaigns. I get bored very easily. But Agyris is so lovingly put together, I can't turn away. Check out the flash interactive map with zoom window. Not only can you look at important points of interest, but you will actually see ships travelling the trade routes; and you can click on them to find out what and who they are. Double thanks to Philaros for calling this to my attention, and to Feng for linking it so that Philaros could find it (and naturally to Daniel as well for creating it).

Hi Tony -

Thank you so much for the kind words about my maps on Agyris.net.

If you like the flash map, you may also like the flash flipbook about the races of Agyris:

Now all I have to do is find some warm bodies to game with again.



I assume you're not in Seattle, eh, Daniel? Dang.

The Agyris site is simply amazing. I drop in every now and then, and I'm always blown away by it.

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