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The Subtle Rules

Vincent is doing his Superman thang... theory-wise. Dag. You have to read this:

The Subtle Rules

And if that is going too fast, then back up and try this one:


Some designers are gonna wander by and pick up all of these little challenges and they're gonna make games and man... I can't wait for that day. But until then, this is stuff we can use in our games today. Right now. No matter how traditional or mainstream. This stuff is the very core of what roleplaying is.

So... is this theory stuff not wanted around here, or what? I think Vincent in particular is doing really important work on game theory right now, and I'm enjoying the discussion going on on the other blogs, but here... crickets.

If no one reading here is into this stuff, I'll get my theory discussion fix elsewhere, which is not hard to do. Maybe this blog should just be about random campaign/one-shot ideas?

I don't know what you're up to, what goals you have. I started stopping by from your comment in the Meet & Greet anyway thread.

I suspect the reason this post didn't get any response is because it doesn't offer much basis of discussion... certainly not more than the Anyway threads. Now if you have a strong take, I suspect there'd be more commenting here.

I think you should keep commenting. The theory discussions are something that I don't follow that intensely, and I appreciate it when you call out the highlights.

I've always thought of Attacks as being a place where we can all dump whatever we're working on at the time. It's partially about us all keeping up with one another, and partially about synergy.

Right now I'm more involved in pursuing new ways to use technology in gaming, but I don't want to be cut off from the theory discussion, which is what I would be if you didn't keep talking about it.

I think it's fine to post theory stuff and I hope you keep doing it. I think the lack of comments is due in part to the rest of us just not being as up on the whole theory discussion as you are. Even just reading what you link to, there's a lot to absorb and a whole lot more discussion and theory that I just haven't even seen.

Also, I think in-depth discussions, theory or otherwise, are better suited to a forum format, though we should be posting some comments here. I've got some unused folders in my Delphi forum Beets Are Yummy (I didn't name it, I inherited it) and not a lot of traffic, so I could open those up for discussion, or I could start a new Delphi forum dedicated to Attacks (which might work better). I don't want to abandon this blog again, but I do think a blog and forum combination could feed off each other.


I have been busy, but I too enjoy the synopsis like Tony. I actually read the links and found it to be good reading, although not as controversial as some of the poster I must admit. I didn't comment mainly due to lack of time and the fact that I didn't have anything to add other than thanks. I should try to remember that a comment of thanks is significantly better than no comments.

Cool. I'll keep posting the highlights of the ongoing theory discussions here, and not worry so much about serious commentary on this blog. Like I said, there are plenty of other outlets for the theory conversations.

Thanks for feedback, folks.

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