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DungeonPunk XD6 Characters

So far I've got several classes for Dungeonpunk, but I think I'm missing one. What do you think?

Has five slots for readied/active spells (nanoprograms)
Special ability: more flexible than any other class in what spells they can have readied.

Has five slots for body improvement and feat nanoprograms
Special ability: 30% more hit points and heavier armor

A few fighter type nanoprograms and lot of gadgets
Special ability: Trapscanner (stolen from John), a device to remotely manipulate locks and traps

balanced between fighter and spell type nanoprograms
Special ability: CyberSenses giving tracking and life detection abilities

I think the Ranger special ability is only so-so at best. I considered a bard, but I couldn't come up with a special ability that wasn't stupid. There's no cleric because there's abundant healing already and I don't think that a "walking first aid kit" fits well into the game.

Oh, and while I'm at it, here are the styles. Each gets to choose a special ability from a list:

Can hack nanoprograms in interesting ways

Tough and badass in combat

Various physical and acrobatic feats

Crowd Pleaser
Several sorts of dice manipulation through getting the crowd riled up or being such a crowd favorite that the networks don't want you to die.

At a glance, what class/style combo appeals to you? Anything missing? Anything look weak?

If the Ranger is the only class with access to enhanced senses (Nightvision, Thermal, etc.) that alone should make it kick much ass.

Although it does seem like the Rogue would have some kind of low-light vision as well.

Hmmmm. Maybe Rogues have limited low-light vision that cancels darkness penalties, but Rangers can see heat trails, track pheremone signatures, echo-locate through walls, all that stuff.

Oh and Caster/Athlete appeals to me. Acrobatic magical dudes are cool.

Right on for acrobatic spellcasters! The effects of low light vision will be muted, as most areas will be well lit (for the cameras). Having a darkened room would be a specific hazard for one encounter.

It might work to have a low light vision gadget too. This wasn't covered in the post, but every player can carry 1 gadget, except the rogue who is allowed three (plus the scanner).

Gadgets might include a grappling hook, lowlight goggles, Mark VII TenFootPole (tm), and so on.

Hacker/Warrior also seems interesting.

Side note: Doesn't using the term "feat" mean that d20 has already won? Didn't these things used to be just abilities or powers?

Is a Ninja a Brute Rouge?



Heh, heh, I remember when drawing the distinction between feats and skills was a big dea lin D&D.

Then again, i remember when having skills in D&D was a big deal.

How about a sage or loremaster or wiley veteran/leader?

Not a neccesity, but it seems to fit the genre to have a built in leader-type figure with extra info, maybe with limitted access to the people running the game - kind of an inside man, to make sure the game pleases the fans and the group gets to the good parts for the audience. Sortof thinking of dream park here.

Interesting stuff. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I LIVE for Dungeon Crawls, so that makes sense.


Currently, every team has a captain who can call time outs and is in charge of co-ordinating strategy. Interestingly, the captain of our group did take the "Dungeon Architect" skill, giving him some unique insights.

Most likely if a loremaster were needed, I would add him as an NPC. For example, the current players have an elf maiden NPC who joined them in the last quest (rescuing here is the key to winning the pro tour qualifier and going on to the next adventure).

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