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Administrivia - Trackbacks

I've taken the liberty of adding trackbacks to this blog.

A trackback is a link between blog posts. Basically, when someone makes a blog post that references your post, they create a trackback, and a link to their post automatically appears in the trackback section of yours. It lets other people build on your conversation.

For example, in this post, Phil references John's game design blog The Mighty Atom. That would be the perfect time to use a trackback. The thing is, Philos can't do that because John's blog uses Blogger and Blogger doesn't support trackbacks natively.

Since Blogger doesn't support trackbacks I've implemented Haloscan trackbacks for Attacks. I created an account at Haloscan specifically for this blog. I'll be sending the account details to all the contributors I have addresses for by email. This doesn't mean we're using Haloscan for comments, only for trackbacks.

Over the last year of getting more and more involved in blogging, I've begun to see that trackbacks are key to building up the conversation. The fact that blogger doesn't support them hampers conversation. We're building a great community around this blog and others. I recommend that everybody add trackbacks to their blogs. It will make it much easier for people to build on what you're saying. Haloscan trackbacks can be implemented with Blogger, are free, and you don't have to switch to Haloscan commenting to use them.

How to use Trackback

To create a trackback to Attacks, you'll need to log on at Haloscan, either using your own login or the one I send you. For more info on trackbacks and how to use them, check out How to use Trackback at Haloscan.

Trackbacks are cool. Haloscan is not cool. What to do...

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Bug blogger continually until they add trackback support? :)

There might be a free trackback service out there other than Haloscan, but I haven't seen one I'd care to use. :(

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