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No Game Design is an Island

Matt Snyder points out that Designing a role-playing game alone is impossible. Yet because of time constraints and the limitations of RL (rest-of-life), I rarely talk about my designs with my immediate group. Maybe we should consider a monthly Attacks meetup for the Seattle crowd and talk about what we're working on. Would you all show up for something like this?

Wow, this met with resounding silence.

I would show up, but then I'm not actively working on a game (yet), and I also seem to have the fewest restraints on my free time.

I guess everyone else feels they're doing fine on their own or with occasional informal unscheduled discussions.

Yeah, that was pretty quiet. I'm acutely aware that I haven't had the time to talk about my new project with people as much as I'd like, and it probably needs some discussion to bring it together.

I would be interested, but really, do I need an excuse to hang out with you guys?

I think a better idea would be to put out a meeting time and then whoever shows, shows ...

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