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Spore Gameplay Video

If you want to get your mind blown again and again by gaming incrediblenss, check out the Spore Gameplay Video. I guarantee you that you'll have at least three "they made a game that does THAT?!" moments in this video. Watch the whole thing.

Update I think it's worth calling out something that he says in the last few minutes. He mentions how in most games, there's a "sandbox" mode that acts as a tutorial for the rest of the goal-oriented game. But in Spore, the envision the goal-oriented game as a tutorial for the more advanced sandboxing mode where you create and share creatures and worlds with other users. That's right on as far as I'm concerned, and it matches something I've noticed from World or Warcraft and other MMOs. There's a point when quests aren't enough to make the game interesting. Unless you're creating and sharing a compelling social reality, the game becomes irrellevant, no matter how good the gameplay.

Let's begin the countdown to The Time When John Disappears (aka when Spore is released).

I and my friends have been arguing about how much of that game will EA destroy before they release it. Will they may the goal-oriented tutorial stages longer and harder, to extend game play? Will they turn them into expansion packs, so that you have to buy five games to get that final UFO stage? Will they lock down player content creation to avoid (as one person put it) cities shaped like swastikas inhabited by aliens with enormous phalluses?

*shudder* presumably variations of all of the above. But it might still be cool! We'll have to wait and see.


That one's going to stay with me for a while.

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