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Generic Goal Types

I need to decide on some good, basic Goal types. What types of things do people want? What sorts of things are people willing to have conflicts about? Please offer alternate names and additions (or even subtractions) to my list:
  • Stuff - Material Desires
  • Status - Class President, Popular, Feared
  • Knowledge - A bit of information, a new skill
  • Belief - What I believe to be right
  • Control/Influence - The ability to extert your will on another/others
  • Feelings - Hate, Sadness, Pleasure
These Goal Types do not have to relate to the 6 Conflict Types listed below, but it would be more convenient if they were 6 and 6 (or even 5 and 5).

I still don't understand what role these generic types fill in the system. Why not just have specific goals? As I understand it, no one is making up goals or conflict types on the fly, so I can't quite grasp why generic categories are needed.

The generic types are used to define what the specific cards are. They will work much like Traits do in Grave Robbers from Outer Space(GROS - a B Movie Card Game.) In GROS your specific Actor Cards (Mad Scientist, Gravedigger) say things like: Old, Young, Male, etc... Then other cards say things, "Force a player to Discard All Young Characters."

I see it working the same way here.
The Support Cast cards (which could be people or objects) would have these sorts of traits: "Knowledge" or "Stuff" plus some a flavor trait related to the episode's plot: "Secret" or "Mysterious".

Then there is a goal called "Seek Forbidden Knowledge." If you are able to have/win conflicts where what is at stake is "Secret" and/or is "Knowledge" then you earn points.

Does that make any sense?

Ah! Yes. That makes sense.

So ... now that it makes sense ... do you have any suggestions? I probably need to put together a sample set and then let people pick it over. Of course thefirst time I tried to do this, I ended up scrapping a large portion of my card structure. :)

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