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Magicians of England Available as Download

I posted about Magicians of England in a Story Games thread about novels we'd like to see made into RPGs and got a few requests for more information. Rather than hold back, I just went ahead and posted the full rules of Magicians of England as a free download, as well as some play aids, etc.

Magicians of England is a story game of gentleman (and woman) magicians in Victorian England. It's my homage to Sussana Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. The game is playable, and fun, but unfinished. It ended up being a sort of workshop for concepts that I incorporated into Princpia.

By the way, my frustrated rant to the contrary, Principia is still very much moving forward towards publication.

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Wow, I got 11 downloads of this on the first day, now up to 20 less than a week later. That's a lot more than I expected. Anybody who's download it - do you have anything to say? Does the document make enough sense to run a game from?

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