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Advanced Dwarven Dungeon

I've just posted a new version of the Dwarven Dungeon Game, with a new name, How to Host a Dungeon. Plus I created a How to Host a Dungeon page. You can find the latest version of the game there, plus some Dungeoneering and Dungeon design resources. I've added a host of new monster flavors and dungeon features to the game. The procedures are slightly streamlined, though I have artfuly preserved the slighly fiddly clunky feel of the mechanics. :)

Here's a screen from a v2 playtest (click for full size):

I consider this a pretty much finished vision of the game for the time being. This is a game that I find fun to play, so I'll probably keep throwing minor revs out as ideas percolate, or as I get a response from players.

Coincidentally, costik over at Play This Thing! has a review of Dwarf Fortress, a nethack-like Dwarven Fortress simulator and an inspiration for How to Host a Dungeon! His review is brilliant, as he points out that Dwarf Fortress has the same spark of brilliance that spawned Civilization and Sim City, yet "is a game from an alternate universe. Clearly, no one in his right mind would have created it in our own."

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I bought tracing paper last night specifically to play this.

But then I ended up designing mechanics for my own game instead of playing.

But I will! Soon.

Shweet! Let me know how it goes. I've already got notes for my Gamma World variant where you place tracking paper sheets over a state highway map, but that's a project for another day. :)

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