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make a game of this picture

Here's something we haven't done in years: design a game based on this picture, found on the Paleo-Future blog in the post "Computer Criminals of the Future (1981)". 

Woah! I don't even know what to say about this one. Is the helmet dude the computer criminal here? Is it the guy in the monogrammed windbreaker? I think the helmet dude is a computer cop who just game out of that janitor's computer. Or maybe the janitor guy's making off with someone's hard drive! Is there a bigger copy of this with the text readable?

There's a link right at the bottom that leads to the article, where you can see the original text and a larger version.

Helmet guy's definitely the cop, monogram guy's the thief, but the real question is, who's the dude that apparently just arrived by helicopter and is peeking in from outside?

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