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Assembling the Game!

How to Host a Dungeon is back from the printers and in the assembly plant!

Some of the graphics didn't come out in the print run as nicely as I'd like, so purchasers be warned! I will, however, replace your copy from the second printing if you're dissatisfied.

Update: And here's how to find it! Come to the Forge Booth at Gen Con. I'll be there much of the day giving demos of the game as well.


Congrats, Tony!

Nice! If I were at GenCon, and say I wanted one, where would I go?

Oh how clever of you to ask! You mean it's not obvious? Just come to Gen Con, and there I'll be!

To buy How to Host a Dungeon, come to the Forge Booth at Gen Con. I'll be there demo-ing the game as well.

Congratulations, Tony! I look forward to buying a copy when I move back to Seattle next spring.

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