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Car Wars Reboot Design Goals

I’m designing a Car Wars reboot. That’s to say, I’m writing a post-apocalyptic automotive combat role-playing game. Skeptics prepare to be wowed!

Here are my design and publishing goals:
  • It will have a freely-available version

  • RPG portion will be fully compatible with all editions of Car Wars vehicle design and combat rules

  • Will also include its own vehicle design rules, which will be somewhat simpler than Car Wars, but still crunchy with a reasonable selection of weapons and accessories

  • Will include its own vehicle combat rules, which will somewhat more streamlined and abstract than Car Wars (because that’s what I’m capable of designing), probably modeled on Alpha Destructicus

  • Game will actively support campaign play

  • Campaign play may include arena duels, highway missions, wasteland battles, and urban adventures in any desired combination

  • A Google map of the region where you live or existing major city will be a key feature of campaign play

  • The players will create a quick-and-dirty list of important vehicular factions tied to locations on the map

  • Character will be easy to generate

  • The decisive action of the game will take place on the road (or the arena or wherever)

  • The reason your character drives around in a heavily armed vehicle will be a significant aspect of your character

  • There will be rules for repairing, upgrading, and customizing your vehicle(s)

  • Rules for stunts and maneuvers not covered by the rules

These points are to (hopefully) support the following principles:
  • A loving, respectful homage to Car Wars

  • Accessible to a wide audience, including people who haven’t played Car Wars

  • A strong old-school aesthetic

  • Gritty, explosive, deadly, exciting, fast-paced play

  • Role-playing opportunities informed by the latest indie designs

Also, it needs a name!
edit added stunts

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Awesome list, Tony! I'm very interested to see where you go with this. A Car Wars homage that I can play in 2-3 hour sessions would be awesome.

The Google Maps idea is a neat one!

Thumbs up, sounds fantastic!

So um... never happened?

I want this!

My own not-loving semi-homage is Carcosa Wacky Races, but damn I'd like to know what you'd do with this.

Whatever happened to this project?

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