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Has it all been done?

I was talking to a disillusioned former GM friend of mine who said that there is no point designing games because all the genres have been done. While I think that one should design simply for the love of it and to put a different spin on a genre, in the back of my mind I wondered if he had a bit of a point. Of course, my mathematical background took hold and so I wanted to prove that there is a genre that either hasn't been done or still has space for more - that is it hasn't been done to death. Of course, it would be difficult to argue if a genre has been done to death or not, so I now have reduced the challenge to finding a genre that has no games - a niche if you will for a new game. (which I'm sure will be filled by a d20 game in the near future). Of course, now my laziness takes hold and so rather than actually think of the genre myself, I simply pass it on and hope someone will rise to the occaision and find a genre that is un-gamed.