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"Psionics in Pulp Heroes is a subtle art that harnesses the latent powers of the mind. Psionic powers can only be manifested by living, intelligent minds. Psionics is not spiritualism (interacting with spirits), nor is it sorcery (interacting with arcane natural energies) -- but some cultures and traditions may view psionics as equivalent to either or both. "

For most of the last year, I've run a Pulp Heroes of the 1920's RPG using the D20 Pulp rules published as a mini game in Polyhedron magazine. Phil, one of the players, created a mystic character, Claire Tremont. After a number of episodes it began to become clear that the Mystic rules in that game, using the Psionics handbook for mystic powers, wasn't really cutting it. Phil and I sat down and came up with our own system. This system, which can be downloaded in rtf format is still in draft form, but if you're interested, you can take a look at our approach.

Our approach was to first lay out some things that your average pulp psionic should be able to do, and then build upon that to create more advanced, powerful applications of psionic power that were the exclusive province of advanced psychics. Let us know what you think!