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Little Pythagoras

Found via Little Yellow Different, a blogger named Ken says he's "learning RPG maker and re-creating Little Pythagoras, a game I made in high school as a final project for my calculus class," and writes:
"I often do wonder about the ability of games to teach teach math or other subjects. Really, what are most RPG's but a series of complex algebra problems? Rather than reading a textbook with word problems in it, wouldn't it be more interesting to present them in a loose narrative and be able to actually visualize the puzzles with interactive help? Many K-12 students might find the game medium a little more familiar than a textbook."

Also, although it's not directly related, this gives me a chance to point everyone back at Tony's post from two years ago, the game concept Mathematica.

(Ken's original post is linked through this post's title.)

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