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Games as Shared Experience

As you will come to know I am photographer. I have recently begun to think about Games as shared experience. A way for people to come together and interact. Not only is it entertaining but I believe it is better for you than getting together to watch a movie or TV. It is shared experience that brings people together. People watching TV are individuals, but people playing games are a community, if only for a brief moment in time.

Games can bridge the gaps in culture, generation, or social class. I am not saying that you can solve the world’s problems by playing games (board, roleplaying, etc ...) but I am saying that with the surge in “alone together” activities such as movies, TV, video games, and those pesky books that there needs to be more earnest social interaction..

The link above is to some work prints I have put together on this topic so far. I am trying to capture both the social aspect of the game as well as those moments that are quintessential to any game. The pondering of the perfect move, the success of a key strategy, or your crushing defeat.

I will also put forth a question about MMORPGS.

Does being part of an online social community that you only interact through via the game count as a truly social experience?
(commentary withheld for the moment)

If you play games within the greater Seattle area and would be willing to be photographed, please contact me.

NICE! I really like the one of JohnP grinning over the sea of pirates.

The MMORPG question is tough. How much non-game-related interaction is possible? Do people ever spend time in one location just chatting with their fellow players? I think as long as people can and do spend time simply talking with each other within the medium of the game, but aren't limited to game-related discussion, it's a social experience. It's no different than being an active member of a forum or an email list that allows general discussion.

Nice photos. I also like the one with the grinning Peltonen.

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