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Deep Cover, Deep Magic Redux

Revisiting this blog, I see that my last game-idea posts here were about my "Deep Cover, Deep Magic" idea, mixing Spycraft - the "Great Game" - with magic - the "High Art". Well, I don't know who's been reading this blog*, but a couple months ago I discovered Dark Inheritance, a product of Mythic Dreams Studios. Now "powered by Spycraft," this d20/Spycraft supplement adds a "mythic horror" setting to the Spycraft line. I haven't yet had time to read through it properly, but it does look like it's close to the ideas that I was describing in "Deep Cover, Deep Magic," and it does look cool. I'll try to give it a good read and write some more about it soon.

(* I should add, incidentally, that my "Deep Cover, Deep Magic" posts were from December 2002, and Dark Inheritance was first published for d20 Modern in April 2003 - much too short a time for someone to have "stolen" my idea and published a book, nor do I seriously mean to imply that was the case.)