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Roleplay vs. Game Duality

This is in response to Tony's post below ("Mechanics vs. Narrative in Strategy Games"). Instead of ranting on and on in the comments, I decided to simply post a link to an identical rant given by someone else on the Forge. The first post in the thread perfectly outlines my feelings on the matter.

Roleplay vs. Game Duality

(I'm making this a separate post because I want the link to be part of the blog archive even if we lose the comments)

So what I get from this post is that mechanics can help provide both Munchkin Boy and Joe Character Development with viable options to play (this prescinds from the problems inherent in having both those players in the same group).

Exactly. The old saw that "mechanics" are part of combat/skill checks and "roleplaying" only happens without rolling dice is just hogwash.

Riddle of Steel! Riddle of Steel! Riddle of Steel!


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