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Why Things Are Different Now

I'm gonna pull my classic move: quote a different blog. Know why I like it? It's easy! Someone else bothered to be all thoughtful and stuff, and I can just quote them. Ding!

Vincent Baker said this:
"The biggest reason that rules are different now than they were ten years ago is that we've stopped treating fictional causality as the be-all. Instead we're looking at the actual causality in tabletop roleplaying - the human beings playing the game and the things they say. If you want cool stuff to happen in your game, you have to get the people to say cool things. The RPGs of ten years ago - and the vast majority of today's too - have no earthly clue how."

And I'm going: Hell yeah! I often question why I bother to design games. That's the stuff right there.

Read the whole thread here: http://www.septemberquestion.org/lumpley/anycomment.php?entry=207

Why am I saying "Hell yeah!" right along with you? Because it's easy!

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