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Gods in the Vineyard

Orkgrrrl and I went to see Das Rheingold last night, and it was very execellent. I've been reading Dogs in the Vineyard lately, and naturally the two mashed together into a game idea.

Gods in the Vineyard: you're a god. Not one of the big-time gods, mind you, and even the big-time gods aren't so big-time that they don't need to worry about giants, titans, and their own foolishness bringing them down. You're demi-gods, and as such, you're more able to mingle with the panmythopoeicon of gods, powers, spirts, dwarves, and the like.

Relationships: you're a god. That means you can have a family relationship with ANY person, power, or even thing. That river that's flooding the Kingdom of Bynd? It's your second cousin.

Conflicts: look at your Greek tragedies, they're FULL of nice juicy conflicts. The King killed his first daughter to assuages the wind god. Now his wife, who's related to the goddess of the hearth who incidentally has a beef with the wind god is pushing the wife to do the husband in. The head god, the god of law, doesn't want any part in this. One the one hand, he doesn't want to cross the wind gods right to demand sacrifice. On the other hand the wife has a perfectly valid legal claim. His hands are tied.

So he sends in some demi-gods to clean up the mess.

OK, now that's out of my system so I can back to working on Magicians of England.

I'll play! Do I get to sing too? No? Okay, I'll just have some theme music in the background.

This is a fantastic idea.

This reminds me of the bumper sticker: dog is my co-pilot.

I think its fantastic.


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