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The End of the World is Nigh!

I can't even begin to express the level of awe, disgust, and absolut jealousy I feel about this concept.

Why can't the super popular MMORPGs have content that is meaningful in some way other than draining away your will to do something else?

I want to play them so much, but like an addict I know that the only solution is to not play them.

This combination of CCG and MMORPG is perhaps just the next level of insanity. How can a game like PTA compete in the main stream marketplace? Maybe the point is that it won't. I can only hope for a backlash towards actually social activities, but I fear we are training our youth too intrinsicly and deeply.

*Sigh* I'll just go back to my paper and pencil and write up a new character for some game system or another.

The cards? Are made from babies.

Crack babies.

(god... I just freaked myself out)

I stick with MUDs good old text and it is free. Not that I hang out on ones are RPG oriented anyway.
Also I find I really like the more social aspects of just haging out and playing a game of any sort much more inviting than plopping down in front of the computer screen for hours for entertainment.

I ran a traditional paper&pencil group for 10 years, and we began to part way geographically, but wanted to keep playing. We tried IRC/MUD for a few years, but it just didn't capture the same "energy" of a session. So when City of Heroes emerged, we got into it because of the flash factor. Unfortunately, the game, like any MMORPG, soon became not only repetitive but freakin' expensive. Also, different members of our group had different quantities of free time to spend maxing out their characters, so we wound up with a very mismatched set of heroes who couldn't take on the same missions together (yes, yes, there were "exemplars" and "sidekicks", but whole areas of the game map were still closed to low-level players)...

- SW

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