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Current Project: Magicians of England


Nobody knows when the magic went out of England. Nobody knows when the faeries went under the hills and down the faerie roads and left English soil behind. Scholars still read and write and dispute on the histories and legends of English magic. Nannies whisper stories and tales of faeries to their young charges and teach them to ward the evil eye. But magic, real magic, has not been seen in England for centuries.

But it is returning.

Magicians of England is an unrefereed storytelling RPG of magic in the Victorian age.


Magicians is a storytelling game where every player has a high level of narrative control (as opposed to "traditional" rpgs, where the GM is the primary arbiter of what happens in the game.

Magicians has two types of character, player characters and supporting characters. A player character belongs to a player. A supporting character can be controlled and narrated by anyone and may change hands multiple times during play. You don't even have to control a player character to play.

The rules of Magicians are intended to determine who has narrative control at any given time, to arbitrate disputes about narration, to allow characters to expand and customize the rules and the world, and to provide conflict resolution in overcoming plot twists and obstacles.

No player character may begin the game knowing how to work magic, though all begin the game knowing something about magic.

The game is currently in its second beta. I'm expecting to have playtest packets soon (probably after I finish out helping to playtest Stranger Things). If you're interested in playtesting, send me an E-mail.

I'm going to post some more on this soon, including a brief of the first playtest.


This sounds a lot like Susanna Clarke's novel, Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell -- did you draw inspiration from that (excellent!) book?

I like the idea of shifting aound control of the supporting characters quite a bit. I'd love to see more info on that. :)

Absolutely - best novel I've read in ages. I've moved the era a little bit and changed some of the focus, but there are similarities.

I got to play in the first playtest of this game, and I can tell you: You definitely do want to hear more about it. Lots more.

Thanks John, I will try to oblige. :)

Hey I'd love to playtest this - it sounds like a lot of fun.

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