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Dogs in the 'Verse

So, we've started our new Dogs game, using the Firefly TV show as inspiration. We did character creation and most of the accomplishments last night (Wil had to leave early, so we'll do his next time). And we did a little impromptu job that turned into something really great. And even though he's never run anything like this before, Brandon is a really good Dogs GM.

I'll try to get an actual play report up on the Forge this week. So far things are working out really well. I got to use my favorite trait ever ("I don't know when to quit 3d4") several times already.

This post is here to remind me to write that AP report, and to encourage you all to bug me about it if I don't do it soon.

Post the ruttin' AP now.

Did you use the Faith in some form, or did you swap it out for jobs and money or something?


Jobs and money. Money in the abstract sense, anyway. Like, "We gotta do this and get paid so we can fix the ship and keep flyin'."

I am going to put some thought into this. Since Vincent has clarified that "death" does not have to physical death, it makes sense that Ceremonial Fallout could be shifted to the questioning of a person's commitment to the group. If it were questioned hard enough that person would need to leave the story.

I too am working on an actual play report, but it is tougher than I thought to put something worthwhile together.

YES! You rule. I bet it worked just fine, didn't it?

The job and money thing? Yep. Like a charm.

Well, I've just been to the Forge, and I see a post by John, going after some poor clueless guy yet again :) but I do not see an Actual Play report by John. Explain yourself, soldier!

Hey Phil, What article are you talking about?

Hey John, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it.

Oh, it's a PTA thread where John happened to post a comment this afternoon, that's all. The timing was good to make the joke.

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I think the Ceremonial Fallout should be "Lost The Faith Of The Network".

Or possibly "Offered A Better Role On A Competing Network".

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