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Gamist Challenge

I'm linking this mostly for reference sake. You're all already reading Deep in the Game, right? Right.

Anyway, Chris is talking about some ways to make gamist challenge work well, and it's all good. Here are the first two links -- I'll add others if he continues this series.
This is right up my alley. My game project (after Stranger Things) is gonna be all about this kind of thing.

Good post! This has helped me clarify some of the challenges I was feeling in getting DungeonPunk XD6 to work.

Thanks for the post. Did you want a discussion from this forum seperate from Chris's forum? Or, should I make comments over there?

Comments about Chris's post should probably be made over on his blog.


That's what I thought too. I have noticed however that Chris is not big on anyone disagreeing with him that he doesn't know well, so I think I'll just let some of it go.

I have no problem with disagreement and discussion as long as you read what you're disagreeing with.

If you disagree with things I'm NOT saying, OR by making the same points I've already made, I don't think viable dialogue can occur.

I don't think that's an unfair call.


Whatever Chris. I have just noticed that you don't appreciate any criticism from those you don't know. I have enough things on my plate not to bother, but thanks anyway. I do appreciate reading your blog, as I think that you have a lot of good ideas and I will continue to read it. I think you need to work on your ability to be cordial to those joining the discussion, that's all. There may be some previous history that I am unaware of, so I might be way off base, and it is your blog so you can encourage or discourage whoever you like.

FWIW, I think Chris has been entirely in the right in the way he has "treated" people who post on his blog. It's not his job to be cordial to every stranger who drops in and posts.

To be honest, Roger, it sounds like you're the one who doesn't want criticism, which is why you say you're not responding to Chris on his blog. If you can handle his honest response to your thoughts (and I'm pretty sure you're a grown-up and can handle it just fine) then go ahead and speak your piece.

But whining about it here is pointless.

Hold it just a freakin' second you two. Bickering is not appropriate "conversation" for this blog. Cut it out now.


You are definitely right.

I agree that Chris has every right to treat people who post in his blog any way he likes. I base my unwillingness to post on his blog on that fact. I have read the "rules" for his blog and feel that they are not to my liking. I will still continue to read Chris's blog, as I feel he has a lot of great ideas, as I have stated previously. I am sorry if I offended anyone and will now let it drop. Let us resume discussion of gaming topics.

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