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Game for Hire

So, Matt Snyder (author of Dust Devils and Nine Worlds) has a very cool idea for a contest: Game Design for Hire. Send him your oh-so-clever RPG idea, and if he picks it, he'll design and write it.

I figure since these kind of sketchy game ideas are the whole point of Attacks of Opportunity, we should bury him under an avalanche of ideas.

I'm sending over U'Duasha, Section 8, Circus, 44, and The Company -- plus anything else sitting in my idea folder at home. I'm looking at you, Phil and Tony. I know you each have at least 4 ideas you could submit, if you were so inclined.

Hah, I just had another setting idea seed itself in my brain and I was coming here to write about it.

As for submissions to his contest, I'm keeping "Monsters Outside the Polis" and "Pixels" for myself. I think the other ideas I've posted about before are a bit *too* sketchy, but I'll see.

(Actually I really should submit Pixels...)

Also, John, you'll have to be a bit more picky about what you submit:

How many times can I enter?

Please enter a maximum of three ideas. Remember, you've got to be willing to playtest your winning idea.

Yeah. See my post on Matt's site. I guess I can pick three.

Yeah, I should've finished reading his post and the comments before making my second comment here. :)

No problem, guys. I love the enthusiasm. Frankly, I'd love to hear many ideas. But, I want people to make some hard decisions about what they think are the "best" ideas (and, certainly, if you think it's your best idea to keep for yourself, then DO IT!).

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