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Magicians of England Playtesters

I'm looking for playtesters who can commit to running at least one session of Magicians of England.

Magicians is a gamemasterless narrative rpg suitable for hard-core and casual gamers alike. This is meant to be a game you can run as a regular periodic rpg or pull out at a party and play with people who may only game once in a while.

About the Game:

In Victorian England, magic is all the rage. The poor in their slums flock to fortune tellers. The wealthy entertain mediums in their parlors. Scientists speak seriously about telluric currents and parallel worlds. In the moors, rumors begin to fly about a faerie army on the move.

The English have always known about magic, of course. Their nannies whisper tales of magic in their ears from birth, and their libraries are full of magical legends and histories. But now Magic is returning to England with a vengeance. Scholars, adventurers, scientists, and skeptics rush to learn about and perhaps manipulate this growing force.

I'll have playtest packets ready somewhere in the next 2-4 weeks. Please respond in the comments, or E-mail me at tony -dot- dowler -at- gmail -dot- com.


I already emailed but thought I should comment too. We are definitely in, and have been looking forward to playing this game since you first posted on it.

You were going to send me a playtest packet anyhow, weren't you?

Can I wait 2-4 weeks and then sign up? :-)

All right guys, I'll reluctantly add you to the list. :)

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