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2005 Good Gift Games

Theory, shmeory. Can't we just play some good board games for a change?

Fortunately, The Morning News has just published their "2005 Good Gift Games" guide, written by Matthew Baldwin of the Seattle weblog Defective Yeti. His list includes Ingenious, which I know John's been grooving on for a while now, so he must have some idea what he's talking about. Check it out, maybe you'll find something new to play, or at least a good gift idea for someone else.

INGENIOUS is the only one on that list that I've played, but it is a standout winner. I think Diamant will be on my wishlist very soon as well.

Phil is right to point out that very good game design is being done by these board game folks. Reiner Knizia (Ingenious, Poison, Ra, Samurai, Medici, etc.) is doing some of the best game design around, in any medium.

I would settle for some time to just play any of those games or any game.

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