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Dungeon Game update DOH!

Oops, I just realized there were a couple of mistakes in the How to Host a Dungeon rules that make it rather hard to play propertly. I've fixed them now. doh!

Also, I'm going to add a news feed to Planet Thirteen soon so that minor news updates to my games don't have to posted here on Attacks.

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I just ran across this and it look fascinating. I'll try and run a playtest today and I'll report back on you my findings.

I love the fact that it is a game and a tool at the same time. I did a quick read through the rules and see lots of opportunity for fun expansion (more villians, monsters, civilizations, etc).

Very cool!

One question though, in the Winter season for Dwarves is states what to do if any have died during the year. However, I couldn't find what mechanic/event would actually kill any Dwarves... Maybe I've not read it through thoroughly enough.

Could you expand on that a little?

OK, think I've figured it out by reading your playtest 1 log.

If/When the Dwarve's expand into certain caverns created in the Primordial Age they'll either die outright (in the case of Plague) or a fight occurs.

Had a thought of a way to bring this into the digital age - build a cardboard wall around the edges of a Graphics Tablet, roll the dice in there and use Layers in Photoshop (or similar) instead of tracepaper...

Yep, you figured it out. I've totally thought about using photoshop layers too. You could also use some kind of co-ordinate system and roll on a table to pick random locations. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at turning the game into an entirely digital game. It would take a bit of work, but it's do-able.

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