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What's Going On?

Wow this place is quiet.

Maybe it's because God invented January to test us and the devil invented February to show he could test us better. A pox on those two months of dreariness and dark.

So here's what I've been up to in game and design lately:

I'm still refining and updating How to Host a Dungeon. It's gotten some nice praise from quarters I never would have expected. Plus Ben Lehman won't let it lie.

We're still working on Principia. Brandon came up with a heap of secrets for the game, and I've been working up a new playtest version with the new secrets and positions.

I helped run the Story Games Lounge at Conquest NW. Here's an after-action thread.

Also, we have a date for our convetion, Go Play NW. It's going to be May 31-June1. Go to the Wiki for more information.

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