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For the Love of Dungeons

I've been playing a lot of old-school D&D this year and enjoying it tremendously. This has given rise to a little "secret" project that's slowly coming to fruition. Here's a little preview:

Update: to my surprise, this map has turned up on Hand Drawn Maps and been referenced on Metafilter. Go map!

Update: For the Love of Dungeons is published!

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Everybody needs a Wand Testing room, appropriately shaped for blast containment.


Agreed! I'm building one in my basement, but my wife keeps taking the bricks to line her flowerbeds.

Any chance for an update on this project?

Hi Jeff! Yeah, it's "mostly there on hold". All the artwork and text is done, but I'm focusing on getting How to Host a Dungeon laid out and prepped for Gen Con. I might have both, but I'm not sweating the map book right now. If I don't have printed copies for Gen Con, I'll have PDF versions available shortly after.

Not to mention the maps I've already created for "for the love of islands", "for the love of fortresses", and "for the love of a good megadungeon".

Oh, I should also toss in that we played this map as part of my ongoing Moldvay megadungeon campaign. A party of PCs were hired to enter the cellar of the Wizard's Tower (which includes a connection to the ancient megadungeon underpining the continent) to wipe out the pesky goblin miners. They uncovered evidence that the wizards had made a duplicitous deal with the goblins, offering them access to the "gold" mine in return for test subjects. When the deal went sour, the wizards brough the PCs in to clean up the mess.

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