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Now the Vehicle Battle RPG is called Blacktop!

Blacktop is going to be the name for my automotive combat RPG, at least in the time being. I've written up a prospective table of contents for the game, listing out all the stuff I foresee putting into the game.

Characters (who fights)
  • Passion: why you drive
  • Traits: what makes you better at driving and fighting
  • Relationships: your place in the world of Blacktop

The World of Blacktop (where we fight)
  • Apocalypse: turn a Google map of your region into an apocalyptic setting
  • Battlefields: arenas, highways, neighborhoods, and wastelands
  • Factions: teams, gangs, enclaves, and corporations

Playing (the role-playing part, and how it's connected with battle)
  • Say "yes" or face the blacktop: This is the good stuff. More on this in a future post.

Combat (how we fight)
  • Driving: movement and maneuvers
  • Shooting: targeting, doing damage, how damage is applied
  • Stunts: doing everything else

Vehicles (the stuff we use to fight)
  • Vehicle design: lightweight and relatively abstract
  • Pre-made vehicles: grab-and-go vehicles for quick encounters

Game Mastering
  • How to run a game of blacktop

Wish List (Stuff that might also make it into the final game)
  • Post-apocalyptic greater Seattle
  • Amateur night starter scenario
  • Random encounter tables
  • Map tiles and components

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Great name.

I really look forward to this one Tony. Let me know when you need playtesters - my group would eat this one up.

Sweet! I would love some playtest. I'll post rules here as I get them together, but we should wait till I have something that I know will kinda sorta work.

I have never played a tabletop car fighting game, but with a simply elegant name like Blacktop I don't think I'd be able to resist. Good luck!

Cool! Blacktop is on hold right now, but definitely not forgotten!

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