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Attacks in KoDT

The Web Scryer column in Knights of the Dinner Table comic #113 mentions Attacks of Opportunity as a game design blog to watch, along with stellar company such as Vincent Baker's anyway, and Monte Cook's journal.

We're like, famous, or something. Rad.

Thanks, KoDT! We love you, too.


Says the guy who's posted all of two entries.

KODT makes me chuckle. loudly. I can't wait to see our name in print.

It's a neat little review, and great to get exposure like that. I feel I should point out two things:

1: They mention we have seven contributors. It's true we have seven names over there in the contributors list, but some of those names need to step on up!

2: They do not mention the campaign setting ideas, which have been my main contribution, so I guess that means I need to step on up, too!

Good point Phil,

I have to step on up too!

Still, it's really cool to get some recognition for this blog.

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