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In This RPG...

In This RPG... the random RPG situation creator.
In this RPG... The PCs are avant-garde missionaries (and former lovers) who, with snarky blog entries, fight off unwanted advances for control of the town in a story ripped from today's headlines.

In this RPG... The PCs are a bloodthirsty mob of caped crusaders living in this very town who, with wire-assisted martial arts, fight treehugging hippies for reasons of their own, all in rhyming couplets.

Just hit refresh.


"The PCs are pseudo-Medieval mercenaries in Heaven who, with bullwhips, fight KHAAANNNN! for platinum pieces until they have a change of heart."


"The PCs are mystical quantum mechanics in the ghetto who, with an amphibious squadron, fight Old Man Peterson for the right to party while Rome burns."

Never before has it occurred to me to play a mystical quantum mechanic.

"The PCs are sexually ambiguous supermodels sporting antennae from their heads who, with subliminal messages, fight things with tentacles for reasons of their own to avenge their parents' murders."

I'm reasonably sure this simply describes a third of all anime.

The PCs are hip, urban lawyers (all named George) who, with karate, fight Genghis Khan and his mongol hordes for information when the world needs them most.

"Karate, looks like I'll be needing your help once again."

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