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Attacks plays TSOY

You know, we're doing all this great gaming, and we have a gaming blog, but we're not blogging about our gaming on our blog. We've had some really get-down-and-funky awesome gaming moments over the last year, and we should talk about them here. I'm going to make a quick digest of some of the discussions we've had about our games elsewhere.

Our group typically plays 5-6 sessions of a single game before we switch game system and mechanics. Three switches ago, John ran his Shadow of Yesterday variant Tales from the Aether, a science fantasy game with echoes of Barsoom. Philaros posted this AP of part of our series (The Thought Lords of Mars, by monicker).

We had such a good time playing Thought Lords, that the group prevailed on me to run a follow up called The Jovian Enigma. I wrote this short AP report on the Forge to highlight one twist I introduced into the game, running bringing down the pain as a dungeon crawl. A more technical discussion can be found here.

We also created a heap of new secrets and keys for our game. I do not have the character sheets handy, but I should be able to post some of them in the comments later.

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