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Go Play Northwest

In the great city of Seattle, Washington, at a moderately nice hotel, there shall be a weekend of those games we like to play. We (a committee of five that includes myself, John Harper, Tony Dowler, Phil LaRose and Mike Sugarbaker) are currently scouting locations and generally trying to finalize a time. Right now, we are heavily leaning towards one of the following weekends:

June 1-3
June 8-10
June 15-17

Our favorite is June 8-10. That's Friday through Sunday. Yes, we will have full-on gaming on Sunday. (Friday will be a little less structured.) June 15-17 has Father's Day in it so it is the least likely of the bunch.

We currently think our location will be a hotel in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Food and drink are plentiful nearby and things are just generally swell there. The problem is that rooms will be more expensive - we don't yet have a quote that feels solid enough to relay to you all - and we will likely have to ask a touch more for covering the meeting space. That's just how it has to be in a place like Seattle proper.

As far as scheduling events, we want to follow the Forge Midwest model and keep things fairly loose, but we will be applying some technology to try and make things a little more transparent, both before and during the event. This will probably just amount to a wiki page.

It would be great if we could start to get an idea of who's interested in coming. Since we're posting this notice in multiple fora, we'd like to not do that part here in the forum thread. To express your interest in attending, send email to goplaynw@gmail.com. Feel free to include any preferences or commentary in your email for our reference. Some things you could possibly tell us that would be helpful:
I will be renting a hotel room
I will be sharing someone else's room or staying off site
I'm not sure if I will be renting a hotel room
Game(s) I want to run
Game(s) I want to play
How I heard about Go Play NW
Comments and suggestions

This thread is of course for anything else you might do besides RSVP: express excitement and undying love, complain, tell us we're stupid, etc.

West Coast represent! Gooooo Play!


Alright, let's do it everybody. We want to see you up here in Seattle gaming with us next summer, or we want to know the reason why!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I am so looking forward to this. What a great idea. I will try to drum up a bigger group to come from the great white north (right now ther is only two of us)


Is there a place I can look up some more information on GoPlay NW? Like where in Seatle you plan on meeting, what times, and what I should bring? My wife and I love to travel, and since we're both teachers June is perfect for us. I'd just like some extra info to make a better decision.



Hi Troy,

It would be awesome to have you up for the con. A lot of the details are not yet finalized. we're looking at some hotels in the Seattle area. What price we can get depends on how many people come, so we're trying to gauge interest right now.

We're basically planning on two days of gaming, Friday and Saturday, with 8 or more hours of gaming each day. We're hoping there will be lots of opportunities to play some good indie RPGs with the designers and to see some pre-release and playtest stuff as well. All you need to bring is yourself (though dice are a good idea too). :)

I'll add you to our Email list if that's OK. We'll be placing announcements here and sending out more information by Email as the arrangements firm up.

Whoops! I said Friday and Saturday, when I meant Saturday and Sunday. There will probably be some pickup gaming Friday night, though. My bad.

I might or might not be able to make it. Hope I will, though! It's not that far from us down here in PDX.

- Christian

Well I hope we see you. We've got a pretty solid contingent of Portlanders already on board. (I assume PDX means Portland, right?)

Well yes I would be up to at least stop in and wander about. You may have to twist my arm to get me to play though.

Then consider your arm primed for a twist. Seriously, there's going to be some great role-playing with something for everybody, I guarantee! In any case, it'd be good to see you there.

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