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AoO Wiki?

I was thinking that AoO needs a wiki, if only for idea storage. We have so many good topics that have come through here and once they drop off the front page, they are basically gone.

This isn't my area of expertise, but it would be great if we could record these ideas in the wiki and also reference them in the blog. That way the key comments can be incorporated into a page about the post.

Thoughts and how can we make it happen?

I like that a wiki would help us retain the comments, which tend to disappear from Blogger after a while.

I believe I wouldn't want the wiki to be open to anyone for editing, just us blog members.

I think the main potential problem with having a wiki is the same as having a forum, which is drawing attention and participation away from the blog.

I understand your concern about drawing attention away from the blog, but as I see, we use the blog to start the pseudo discussions we have here, then create a wiki page about it. Then when you have a new idea that may link to what was alrady talked about, then you create a new blog post pointing to the wiki as source and then incorporate responses back into the wiki.

I agree on have the main wiki pages being password protected (if that doesn't violate the concept of the wiki.)

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I recently set up a pbwiki-- it's a free hosted wiki, very painless. It might be an easy way to experiment with using a wiki. [Also, free. Plus, it's password protected.]

Here's the setup page: http://pbwiki.com/

SeedWiki also does good free Wiki hosting (seedwiki.com). The Pulp RPG group on Yahoogroups used to have a Pulp Wiki there.

I'd be willing to host the wiki. I've got a ton of extra space with nothing to do. You guys can even register a new domain or do a sub of one of mine. (The first is about $10 for a year, the second is free, that's the domain registration fee through dreamhost. Dreamhost has a mediawiki install that's really really painless (basically one click.) Mediawiki is the engine for wikipedia.org and can be password protected. I personally run TWiki on my site at goldenchainpress.com.

Anyway, the offer's there if you folks are interested.


Trevis Martin

Oh, and I'd do it for free (except the domain if you want one).

So after talking to JudaicDiablo earlier today, I can see where a wiki might be useful to hold our various projects. I'm not sure how much value it adds to the blog, but if we get to the point where we've got multiple readers who want to contribute stuff, a wiki might be useful.

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