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Mechaton Rules Bitz 4 - Alternate Chassis

As everyone knows, the Mech is the most efficient chassis for war machines, construction drones, and a host of other applications. Nevertheless, a few other chassis types are commonly encountered, including:

Power Armor - Power armor uses mech technology concentrated in a suit worn by a single individual, enhancing their motions with incredible strength. Power Armor gets only 1 white die and can 1 attachment.

Spookbots - Actually, the spookbot chassis is only 1 of several designs that emerged before mech technology became widespread. Spookbots may be piloted or robotic. A spookbot has 1 white die and up to 2 attachments.

War Machines - War Machines refer to the vast variety of non mech enabled machines of destruction. War machines get NO white dice at all and may have up to 3 attachments. A war machine without a movement attachement cannot move.

I'm not sure this adds much to the game as written, but it could be a source of fun.

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